How Can I Monitor My Boiler’s Water Hardness?

How Can I Monitor My Boiler’s Water Hardness?

Hard water is one of the worst things that can happen to your industrial boiler. Preventing and minimizing hard water is one of the key hallmarks of boiler maintenance best practices. Hard water contains elements like magnesium and calcium that can build up in your boiler to form what’s known as scaling. Once scaling starts to take place, it can significantly decrease the efficiency of your boiler, causing your fuel costs to skyrocket and decreasing the lifespan of your boiler. Fortunately, Miura makes it easy to monitor your water’s hardness so that you can prevent scaling before it starts.

In most instances, checking for hard water is done manually in a way that’s time-consuming and not always accurate. But Miura addresses both of these issues with the Colormetry Hardness Detection System, which automatically monitors for a water hardness leakage. Even a leakage as low as 1-2 mg/L will be detected so the problem can be addressed.

With the Colormetry Hardness Detection System, those onsite can set the period and frequency for when the instrument will inject chemical reagents and evaluate the hardness of the water. The results of the test will be recorded and displayed on a digital screen via the boiler’s BL Micro Controller. If a hardness leak is detected, an alarm will sound to alert those onsite of the problem. It’s also possible to send the alarm to a remote location to ensure that the message is received.

The best part of the Colormetry Hardness Detection System is that it’s easy to manage. The process is fully automated and doesn’t even require routine calibration. The device is also compact and easy to install. Even changing out the cartridges containing the chemical reagents only takes a few seconds and only needs to be done every four months.

Also, the hardness detection system is connected to Miura’s remote monitoring system (MOM) to give you added peace of mind that you’d learn about any issue as soon as possible. In short, Miura’s Colormetry Hardness Detection System is the easiest way to ensure hard water and scaling don’t turn into serious problems for your boiler.

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