Adding Units to a Miura Modular Boiler System?

Adding Units to a Miura Modular Boiler System?

There are a wide variety of benefits to using Miura boilers. One benefit that often gets overlooked is how easy it is to grow a boiler system to meet your steam needs. Compared to traditional fire tube boilers, growing a Miura modular boiler system to meet a change in demand is actually quite easy.

Everything starts with Miura’s Multiple Installation system. Each modular system has a master controller that has the power to turn every boiler within the system on or off, while also regulating their output depending on the steam demand at any moment. In short, the MI system ensures that steam needs are always met by allowing multiple boilers to work in conjunction with one another. As a bonus, the MI controller, which can monitor up to 36 boilers altogether, makes sure that each boiler is used in the most efficient way possible, which helps to cut fuel costs and improve the longevity of each boiler. As long as all of your Miura boilers are hooked up to the Master Controller, increasing or decreasing the steam capacity is a breeze.

What makes the MI system so effective is the modularity of the multiple-boiler system. Unlike conventional boilers that can take over an hour to reach peak steam production after being turned on, Miura’s boilers can reach full operating capacity within five minutes, even from a cold startup. This ability to start producing steam in a few short minutes makes it possible for the MI controller to get extra boilers online rapidly whenever the demand for steam increases. Boilers can be turned off just as easily when steam demand lessens, so boilers aren’t running and wasting fuel when they’re not needed.

The compact size and modularity of Miura’s boilers also make it possible to grow a boiler system when long-term steam needs increase. Miura’s boilers are significantly smaller than traditional boilers. In some cases, their footprint is 50% smaller than fire tube boilers. This helps to create extra space in a boiler room or steam plant, leaving room to add more boilers when your company expands or when the steam demand increases. With larger, conventional boilers, adding an extra boiler to an existing system could require a lot of construction, costing more than the extra boiler itself in some cases. Adding an additional Miura boiler or two is simple, because the compact design is easier to move and navigate in and around the boiler house. For example, the LX-200SG can fit through a standard commercial doorway, without needing to open or demolish any walls.

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