Miura Donates PPE to Medical Centers & Assisted Living Facilities

Miura Donates PPE to Medical Centers & Assisted Living Facilities

The ripple effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our daily lives. While we adjusted routine to keep safety and health in mind, others do not have the necessary resources. Especially for those most vulnerable to the virus, proper protection and disinfection are imperative, and many of our neighbors need extra support to care for the community.

Cedar Hill Senior Living, a facility in Cedartown, GA caring for 60 elderly residents with multiple medical diagnoses and dementia, is one of many that couldn’t find needed resources during this time. While monitoring residents for symptoms and disinfecting the facility, they had trouble obtaining the N95 masks needed to care for patients without spreading the virus. They reached out to nearby companies for help, including Miura. Andrew Eklind, who regularly monitors our info email inbox, was eager to lend a hand.

In just over 24 hours, Miura delivered 500 basic surgical masks and 150 KN95 masks to the facility. But it hasn’t stopped there. As of May 6, 2020, Miura donated 6,025 surgical and 1,415 KN95 masks to medical centers and assisted living facilities in need since late March. We’ve also allocated over 13,000 masks for Miura’s internal and rep use across the country.

We wanted to share this with you to spread some positive news during this challenging time and see what other ways Miura can help the community.

We still have masks available for donation, so please reach out to Pam Baskette (pam.baskette@miuraz.com) or Andrew Eklind (Andrew.eklind@miuraz.com) if you know of anyone in the community that is in need.