Miura COVID-19 Operating Plan

Miura America – Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

As the situation related to Coronavirus continues to develop, and the severity of impact on business and daily life continues to escalate, Miura America Co, LTD is continuing to monitor the situation and to implement immediate countermeasures focused on three core principles:

  • Maintaining the Health & Safety of our staff
  • Accepting Social Responsibility and doing our part to help the community
  • Ensuring Critical and Ongoing Support to our Representatives & Customers Nationwide

At this time, we have limited all non-essential travel of our personnel and implemented remote work for all possible team members in our facilities Nationwide. For manufacturing operations, we are instituting enhanced health precautions and onsite screening to keep our workforce safe as they continue to manufacture the steam boilers and components vital to so many industries across the United States.

We understand that our existing customers have invested in Miura Technology to power critical infrastructure including applications such as healthcare & critical care facilities and food preparation. We remain FULLY committed to continuing to provide Technical Support and Critical Parts Supply despite the growing challenges.


Tatsuya Fujiwara


Miura America Co., LTD